Cigar Aficionado: Father’s Day Gift Guide, 2018

Cigar Aficionado: Father’s Day Gift Guide, 2018
Everdure Grills by Heston Blumenthal
Father's Day comes at the dawn of outdoor cooking season. Coincidence? We don’t think so. Grills and accessories are an easy call for a dad who spends as much of the summer as he can in the open air. And as American as barbecue seems, Heston Blumenthal, the British, Michelin-Star chef, decided to put an international stamp on it with a range of five grills ($200 to $2,000) made in Australia with a Danish design flair and technological advancements inspired with the cook in mind. First and foremost is a one-touch electric starter for the two charcoal models. The two gas models are all about fine-tuned temperature controls. The commonality to all four? They look cool. -
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