FORBES: Best BBQ Grills: World-Famous Chef Invents Groundbreaking New Brand

I’ve been writing about, testing and cooking on high-end grills, smokers and all sorts of outdoor cooking appliances for years. As such, I am always amazed when someone thinks of a new and really significant improvement to what is on the market.
That is exactly what Heston Blumenthal has just done.
Blumenthal is not merely a celebrity chef, he is one of the planet’s most highly regarded culinary legends, and the world’s leading current practitioner of molecular gastronomy at his Fat Duck outside London, which not only gets the highest possible Michelin 3-Stars, but has also has been rated the Number One restaurant in the entire world, atop most gourmands’ foodie Bucket List. In addition to the Fat Duck, Blumenthal operates a Michelin 2-star eatery and a 1-Star gastropub, but he is most famous for his highly scientific, high tech, multi-sensory approach to “modern cooking.”
As such, it stands to reason that if he rolled out his own line of grills, they would feature some technological wizardry, and they do. As Blumenthal explained, “By incorporating some of my favourite techniques into these designs, I’ve created what some might call a 3-Michelin star barbeque range.”
The brand is called Everdure by Heston Blumenthal, and it is widely available from online retailers and sold through high-end kitchenware chain Williams-Sonoma. (You can see my previous recent round up of the other best grilling products of 2019 here).

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