ROBB REPORT: 7 High-End Grills That Will Help You Rule the Summer Cookout

These barbecues will make you the envy of your neighbors.
Few things warrant as much pride as grilling a steak perfectly yourself. But getting that expertly seared-on-the-outside, pink-on-the-inside cook is often a frustrating gamble. Backyard grills’ heat sources and cooking surfaces are uneven, unreliable and inefficient. It’s time to upgrade your Weber.
Now you can get barbecues with high-tech equipment like infrared burners and salamanders found in professional kitchens. And fun accessories like rotisseries, which were once relegated to “set it and forget it” late-night infomercials.
The technology has improved so much on your backyard set-up that now you can start getting professional-level results to impress your friends. You may not become Aaron Franklin, but you’ll sure be the best on the block. Here are seven unique backyard setups to guarantee.
Everdure Hub II

Cooking with charcoal isn’t just for utility; it’s for fun. Heston Blumenthal, designer of the Everdure Hub II, has made a freestanding grill to match the playful mood. This charcoal grill has a push-button ignition—gas-grill style—so you don’t have to fool with harsh igniting chemicals. It’s ready to cook in 10 minutes, and its chrome grates have long handles that stay cool to the touch, so you can flip them up, push the coals to the side and create multiple cooking areas as you go. An integrated, retractable rotisserie spit that can hold full-sized animals, adds a touch of medieval flair to the contemporary, yard-centerpiece design.

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